Adam Chadwick R Bieber The First

Hello my name is Adam, I'm a Goofy lil dud. and this is what i find funny. Some of this material might be Offensive RATED - R.


very few videos make me laugh right away nowadays

#bitter #comedySnob #manbitch …but this…this is good

lol… this was in a spice girls book for lil kids.. i like it

lol… this was in a spice girls book for lil kids.. i like it

Incase you were looking for OCTOMOMS “porn” “self pleasuring pictures” LOOK NO MORE INTERNET!!! i FOUND THEM FOR YOU! … her nips are blacked out but..good RIDDANCE 

Move over Justin Bieber  …i introduce MADISON BEER 

- she’s more hot than talented, but can still sing (note she is 13 years old)

- she has a titty swag name Madison BEER

finally found my new girlfriend

Hot new track…Shit is brutal….."My First Hardcore Song" - Juliet the 8 yr old.

-Get your two step on

-My name is Juliet

-And i Love Robert & my Fishes

-But it stinks WOO!


-I love Robert! RAORRR!


-Lets open this pit up

-oh oh oh ohhhhh!


Justin Bieber?!

If you’ve read my blog i’m pretty sure ive stated this a couple of times 

Jbiebz looks more and more like a lesbian…he’s evolved to ellen lezbo since last post but still pretty LEZ looking…

but here’s a picture of girl justib bieber.

so are all little girls lez’s? cause i saw this new boy band BIG TIME RUSH…some of them well 2/4 look like chicks …the other 2/4 are like kevin from the backstreet boys.