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Hello my name is Adam, I'm a Goofy lil dud. and this is what i find funny. Some of this material might be Offensive RATED - R.


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ahahahaha yoooooooo

Hurricane Sandy

Internet Porn was at an alltime low during the week after hurricane sandy - FUN FACT

Golden Girls

Golden Girls

Paula’s a Butterball chicken

Paula’s a Butterball chicken

Like no offense but these kids look like the DOOFYESS doofuses

Like no offense but these kids look like the DOOFYESS doofuses

FUCK yeaaa….just found this cd

22 chapters of Trapped in the closet

a good hour and a half of entertainment

(Source: Spotify)

lol ….ahhh i love the world

i want

i want

Before and After 


Hot celebrities!

SHES BACK! with an even creepier video.  (funny thing is i know alot of girls like this and they’ll probably think this girls creepy.)

call me maybe remix.

Incase you were looking for OCTOMOMS “porn” “self pleasuring pictures” LOOK NO MORE INTERNET!!! i FOUND THEM FOR YOU! … her nips are blacked out but..good RIDDANCE 

finally found my new girlfriend

Fat Tits Vs. Big Tits

you’re probably thinking. Knight Adam … but i thought all big tits were the same. 

false! i say

There is a significant difference.

Exhibit A: (Two girls)Two ladies, Big boobs right?…False fat tits…see how there squished and fat looking, and its as if someone is pushing them up and there is a puddle of boob fat.

Exhibit B: (Hot Girl)THis fine lady, big boobs right? thaaat’s correct. (billy madison)

Exhibit C: (Fat GIrl) This plus sized woman, has ? …Fat tits you guessed it (this ones obvious)

Exhibit D: (Hooter Girl) You’re prob thinkin this ones fat tits. False, they are big tits…it’s all about the slope.

PREETY MUCH A ROOOL of thumb is if the tit makes a significant 94 degree turn north . it is a fat tit and or the girl is fat no implants.

Is this what sex is????