Adam Chadwick R Bieber The First

Hello my name is Adam, I'm a Goofy lil dud. and this is what i find funny. Some of this material might be Offensive RATED - R.


Fat Tits Vs. Big Tits

you’re probably thinking. Knight Adam … but i thought all big tits were the same. 

false! i say

There is a significant difference.

Exhibit A: (Two girls)Two ladies, Big boobs right?…False fat tits…see how there squished and fat looking, and its as if someone is pushing them up and there is a puddle of boob fat.

Exhibit B: (Hot Girl)THis fine lady, big boobs right? thaaat’s correct. (billy madison)

Exhibit C: (Fat GIrl) This plus sized woman, has ? …Fat tits you guessed it (this ones obvious)

Exhibit D: (Hooter Girl) You’re prob thinkin this ones fat tits. False, they are big tits…it’s all about the slope.

PREETY MUCH A ROOOL of thumb is if the tit makes a significant 94 degree turn north . it is a fat tit and or the girl is fat no implants.