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Hello my name is Adam, I'm a Goofy lil dud. and this is what i find funny. Some of this material might be Offensive RATED - R.


best commercial on tv right meow

Capital Cities

—Kangaroo Court

New Music? 

ok check it out Kangaroo Court by Capital Cities…they have a buncha ep’s check um

Courtney Stodden is at it again

So…if you have been living under a rock and not watching


everyday like me…siamese twins, AMish people going to NYC drunk, and honey boo boo.

k so at the end of the episode of her birthday she sneezes, and then sits. and just watch the whole thing….this aired unedited = awesome


Gym Flow, ok so on the social networks you will see people tweet, status update, say their location “ON MY GYM FLOW” or “ON MY GYM FLO” ….this phenomenon has still not past with time…so i am calling SHENANIGANS. so I DO DECLARE Gym flow is douche. 

add that to the list.

-Ed Hardy anything…along with sparkly/cross t-shirts

 literally you walk into a New York anywhere club and everyone either has a sparkly shirt or crosses on it.

-The Saying of any Jersey shore lingo “yeah buddy, grenade…etc”

-Gym FLow

…theres alot more too this list…but it goes in the jersey category

What the Funky butt loving?!!

-National Geographic, dude lives balloons..too much

OctoMOM! on the sybian lol



Fat Tits Vs. Big Tits

you’re probably thinking. Knight Adam … but i thought all big tits were the same. 

false! i say

There is a significant difference.

Exhibit A: (Two girls)Two ladies, Big boobs right?…False fat tits…see how there squished and fat looking, and its as if someone is pushing them up and there is a puddle of boob fat.

Exhibit B: (Hot Girl)THis fine lady, big boobs right? thaaat’s correct. (billy madison)

Exhibit C: (Fat GIrl) This plus sized woman, has ? …Fat tits you guessed it (this ones obvious)

Exhibit D: (Hooter Girl) You’re prob thinkin this ones fat tits. False, they are big tits…it’s all about the slope.

PREETY MUCH A ROOOL of thumb is if the tit makes a significant 94 degree turn north . it is a fat tit and or the girl is fat no implants.

Is this what sex is????


1. Chick with the sleeves from NAPOLEON DYNAMITE

2. lame kid from J-park 

3. Hot little girl form THE RING… and still is hot

Move over keyboard cat …it’s DuBStep Cat

ENough pictures for today

: ) ))